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Shore Excursion Terms & Conditions

Please note that not all shore excursions are available on all sailings. Descriptions and pricing may vary.  Shore excursions will not be available for pre-booking until approximately 30 days prior to sailing (with the exception of the Romantic Escapades excursions) and can be added to your booking via the "Manage your trip" online tool. New tours, not previously listed for online sales, may be available onboard without prior notice. If you have questions please contact our Reservation Department at 1 (800) 848-6172 for assistance.

Once onboard, please refer to the tour descriptions for full details or consult with the Travel Concierge Team for further information.

Coffee Plantation Tour
5 Hours - $98

Depart to Railaco (Ermera) is one of the Municipalities of Timor Leste, located in the west-central part of the country through Tacitolu Chapel. Its capital is Gleno, which is located 30 km to the southwest of the national capital, Dili. The old city of Ermera, also known as Vila Ermera, lies 58 km from the capital along the same road. The winding road up from Dili to centrally located Ermera municipality is perfect for road touring and mountain biking – it offers expansive views out to Atauro Island. In general, Ermera Municipality is a very rugged country and sparsely populated. It is the Coffee producing heart of Timor-Leste. With steep hills covered in coffee forest, looking towards towering Mt Ramelau in the south often all that can be seen of most towns is their colorful church spires poking out through the trees. Coffee is a shade loving plant which flourishes beneath the large canopied albezia trees. During the harvest season local people can be seen picking the ripe red coffee cherries that are then spread along the sides of the road and anywhere else flat they can find for drying in the hot sunshine.Last stop before driving back to port is visiting Tais Market to see Tais cloth is a form of traditional weaving created by women in Timor Leste and is made by hand or by the process known as “ soru Tais” (using a traditional loom). An essential part of the nation’s cultural heritage and identity, tais weaving are used for ceremonial rituals, for aderment and home décor, personal apparel and are also given to special guest. Weaving of tais is performed solely by women, with techniques passed down orally from generation to generation. In the era of independence, tais artisans have begun specializing in customized weaving, as well as tais like products such as handbags and scarves. The tais is made of cotton rolled with raffia and it is dyed with natural colours.

Please note: This tour not accessible for wheelchair or guest with walking difficulties. Bring bottled water from the ship. Wear comfortable shoes and clothing for the tour.

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Dili History Tour
4 Hours - $85

East Timor is an island country situated towards the southeastern part of Asia. After, departing from the port, your first visit will be at Chega Exhibition. Here you can learn about the history of struggle for Independence. Continue to Santa Cruz Cemetery and Resistance Museum. The Timor-Leste Museum of the Resistance, opened its doors to the community ten years after the nation became officially independent in 2002. In it pieces of Timor-Leste war history are resistance documents preserved for future generations to remember the years of struggle against occupying forces. Next, visit Tais Market for shopping for souvenirs of East Timor including Tais cloth, carving sculptures, and bags made of cloth Tais. Then, drive back to port.

Please note: This tour not accessible for wheelchair or guests with walking difficulties. Bring bottled water from the ship. Wear comfortable shoes and clothing for the tour.

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Halfday Maubara Tour
5 Hours - $112

Depart Port heading through historical buildings, monuments & religious places including the Statue of Integration, Dili’s Shopping Center, Presidential Palace, Timor Plaza, and the Statue of Past President NICOLAU LOBATO and west to Tacitolu Peace Park (Tacitolu literally means “three sea’s” in local language) the area is of national cultural significance being an important symbol of the struggle for Independence, and was declared a national park in 2000. Next, stop at the ruins of the Aipelo Military Command Post, which dates back to 18th Century and served as a prison run by the Portuguese until 1959. Arriving in Liquiça which is the closest district to the west of Dili you indulge in morning tea before taking a 1.5hr easy walking tour of the historical town with its Portuguese influenced architecture visiting 12 sites that have been identified as significant cultural and historical sites. Next, travel further west before arriving at the colorful seaside town of Maubara where the women are renowned for the production of hand woven, basketwork. Then enjoy free time to explore the craft markets along the seaside before returning to the ship past SALT PRODUCTION COMMUNITY in Ulmera than back to Dili along the esplanade (Protocol Avenue), Farol Lighthouse, Dili’s oldest church, Motael.

Please note: This tour not accessible for wheelchair or guest with walking difficulties. Bring bottled water from the ship. Wear comfortable shoes and clothing for the tour.

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SCUBA 2 Tank - Shore Dives Along the Coast with Lunch
6 Hours - $250

This is a two-tank shore dive with lunch.

From the pier you will be transferred to the dive shop where you will receive equipment. Once you have your gear, a minivan will take you to the dive sites along the coast away from Dili (approx. 1 - 1.5 hours depending on the dive site). Once there, you will do the first dive and will have lunch before the second dive. Dives will be shore dives with easy access to the water and the dive site will be determined on the spot, but can be a wall dive, which offers a great variety of macro life such as nudibranch and nice soft and hard coral.

After the second dive, you will be transferred back to the ship.

Please note that this dive is for certified divers only.

For more information about our dive program, visit www.pgcruises.com/scuba

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