Huahine, Society Islands


Huahine, Society Islands



Fare is the main town on Huahine, consisting of a row of stores, a wharf, and a swimming beach. Starting at the Restaurant New Temarara, follow the promenade north along the waterfront to the Fare Public Beach, which runs along the west side of the main street. Bora Bora lies in the distance. Shops are open Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm and Saturdays from 8:30am to noon, and are closed Sundays. The Handicraft Center at the village exit (south end) is also closed on Sundays. Telephone booths are operated with local phone cards. Rental car offices, restrooms, restaurants, shops, and main facilities are across from the main street. Heading north through town, the post office is on the right.

Located on the shores of Lake Fauna Nui, the village of Maeva was the major cultural and religious center of Huahine. More than 200 stone structures have been discovered from the water’s edge to the overlooking Matairea Hill. This outdoor museum contains over 40 marae (temples) and other archaeological sites built by ancient chiefs, with a one-mile trail leading up Matairea Hill. On the western edge of the area is Fare Potee, a replica of the original 1925 communal meeting house destroyed by a hurricane. On the lake and to the east of Maeva are several old fish traps. When the tide is high, fish swim into the traps and are caught as the tide goes out. 

Faie and Belvedere Lookout
Along the east coast about two miles south of Maeva is the small village of Faie. Sacred blue-eyed eels live in the river running under the bridge in the center of town. They respond to feedings, and fish can be bought for them at the red kiosk. Further along the road heading south is the Belvedere Lookout on the slopes of Mt. Turi.

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Huahine Island Port Map

Population: 6,303 (2012)

Language: French, Tahitian

Currency: XPF

Scheduled Docking Location: Ship is anchored in the bay. Guests tender to flat wooden pier. There is no town or beach located on Maroe Bay.

Banks / ATMsFare: Open Mon–Fri, 07:45am to 11:30am and 1:30pm to 4pm. Closed Sat–Sun. All major CC accepted. Cash: Best to have local currency (XPF).  US $ accepted but not everywhere. € not accepted.

Post Office: “OPT.” Fare: Open Mon–Thurs, 7am to 3pm. Fri, 7am to 2pm.

Transportation: From the pier, complimentary Le Truck shuttles run from 8:30am to 3pm to the main town of Fare. Approximately 20-minute ride.

Moe’s Taxi: +689 (40) 72-80-60 
Enite’s Taxi: +689 (40) 68-82-37 
Fares are about $8 from Fare to the airport, and over $32 from Fare to the southern end of Huahine Iti (the smaller of Huahine’s two main islands).

Rental Cars:
Avis, Fare or airport: +689 (40) 68-73-34 
Europcar, Fare (across from post office) or airport: +689 (40) 68-82-59

Church Services: Protestant Church in Maroe Bay starts at 10am. Catholic Church in Fare starts at 9am.

Port Agent Contact:
Office: +689 (40) 86-51-32
Mobile: +689 (87) 29-25-02


Hello: Bonjour
Goodbye: Au revoir
Thank you: Merci 
Excuse me: Excusez-moi
Please: S’il vous plaît
Yes: Oui
No: Non
Do you speak English?: Parlez-vous anglais?
Can you help me?: Pouvez-vous m’aider?

Hello: Ia Orana (yo-rah-nah)
Goodbye: Nana (nah-nah) 
Thank you: Mauruuru (mah-roo-roo)
Please: No real word. “Na” softens requests.
Yes: E (ay)
No: Aita (eye-tah)
Do you speak English?: Ua ite oe i te parau Marite? 
(oo-ah ee-tay oh-ay ee tay pah-rah-oo mah-ree-tay)

ATV Tour of Huahine Iti
2.5 Hours - $229

After an easy test drive, we will start our adventure by discovering the South island or the small island of Huahine by driving from the Maroe pier towards Tefarearii. Exit the main coastal road for a steep and exhilarating ascent following a path through the pine forest and fields to the Mount Pohue Rahi (462m). It offers sublime views of rolling mountains and the beautiful lagoon below. You will descend following the same path and to continue towards Parea viewpoint. Afterwards you will stop for a brief swim and snorkeling off Parea Beach followed by a visit of an ancient temple, Marae Aninii. Return to the pier.

Please note: The tour is strenuous and for experienced drivers only. Not recommended for pregnant women, guests suffering from back & neck problems and children under 5 years old. Driving licence is mandatory and drivers must be a minimum of 18 years old. Please bring snorkel gear, beach towel, bottled water, sunglasses from the ship. Please wear your swim wear under clothing.

Excursion Code:
ATV Tour of Huahine Nui
3.5 Hours - $249

Transfer from the pier to Fare Maeva for an easy test drive on the ATV quads. Then start the exciting island exploration by discovering the coast of the Motu Maeva with its white sandy beaches, Marae Manunue (an ancient Polynesian temple). Stop for a refreshing coconut drink at chez 'Nini' before continuing for some snorkeling at the Sofitel Heiva's beach.

Afterwards the tour will take you past Fare Potee and Marae Rauhuru and the ancient Fish Traps in Lake Fauna Nui, and then onto the Sacred Eels at Faie before stopping at Belvedere for a photo opportunity of the Maroe Bay and the ship. The tour ends at Maroe Pier.

Please note: The tour is easy to moderate and the drive is partially off road driving and partially on paved roads. Not recommended for pregnant women, guests suffering from back & neck problems and children under 5 years old. Driving licence is mandatory and drivers must be a minimum of 18 years old. Please bring snorkel gear, beach towel, bottled water, sunglasses from the ship. Please wear your swim wear under clothing. The cost of this tour is per ATV, which can accommodate two average-sized adults.

Excursion Code:
Cultural Highlights of Huahine
  • Ancient Aitutaki Ruins called Marae.
3 Hours - $89

Explore one of the most picturesque and geographically diverse of the Society Islands during this scenic tour of Huahine.

Depart the pier for a ride by coach to Fare, Huahine’s main village. Enjoy a leisurely guided stroll around the village, then visit a vanilla plantation, where you will observe the process of drying vanilla and learn different ways to cook with this ubiquitous spice.

Then, proceed to Maeva, one of Polynesia’s most important archaeological sites. Upon arrival, you will discover some well-preserved marae, or ancient Polynesian temples. You will also see fish traps that were built centuries ago and are still in use today. Your next visit will beto Faie, home of the famous blue-eyed eels that populate a stream running through the village. You will even watch as your guide feeds these enormous eels.

Your tour concludes with a stop at Huahine’s Belvedere Point for spectacular views and photo opportunities. Then, reboard your coach for the return ride to the pier.

Please note: If you wish to purchase vanilla during your tour, please bring U.S. dollars or French Pacific francs, as these are the only currencies that will be accepted.

Excursion Code:
Day at the Beach (Huahine)
  • Beach Day on the island of Huahine.
6 Hours - $120

Located close to the village of Fare and an ancient archaeological site, the Maitai Lapita Village Hotel on the island of Huahine enjoys an exceptional location. Bask on the magnificent white-sand beach that borders the lagoon, or enjoy excellent snorkeling in the lagoon’s crystal-clear waters. Or enjoy ocean views from the restaurant, bar, and pool. Stretching from the beach inland, the property is arranged around a freshwater lake dotted with water lilies and surrounded by tropical plants with fragrant, multicolored native flowers. This site has contributed enormously to the heritage of French Polynesia, so don’t miss the hotel’s museum. And if you are here at sunset, enjoy spectacular panoramic views of the islands of Raiatea, Taha’a, and Bora Bora.

Please note: This excursion includes access to the swimming pool, the beach, and the hotel museum; kayaking and snorkeling equipment; a two-course lunch (appetizer and entrée, or entrée and dessert); and a bottle of water and a drink per person (a glass of house wine, a local beer on tap, or a soft drink).

Excursion Code:
Huahine Exploration by Jeep & Boat
  • Huahine Island Exploration by Pirogue and Safari Truck
3.5 Hours - $109

Visit archaeological sites, sacred blue-eyed eels, a black pearl farm, and an easy 40-minute snorkel on this land and sea tour of Huahine.

Your tour will depart the pier by off road vehicle and cross the bridge to Huahine Nui (big Huahine). Head around the majestic bay where the m/s Paul Gauguin is anchored, then ascend the island's steepest road for a spectacular panoramic view over Maroe Bay and take a photo with the ship in the background. After, a stop will be made to feed the sacred giant blue-eyed eels that live in the stream running through the village of Faie.

Continue your adventure along the lake Fauna Nui to Maeva, the most extensive archaeological site in the Pacific. Here, you will see stone temples and ancient fish traps still in use today restored by archaeologists. Afterwards, take a short Polynesian outrigger canoe trip to visit "Huahine Pearl Farm and Pottery", where you will learn the secrets of the black pearl and see their unique blue pottery made with a glaze found at the bottom of the lagoon while pearl farming. The pottery is available for purchase, and refreshments will be served at the pearl farm. Cruise the lagoon for a short trip on a regular boat and a snorkel stop to Motu Te Tiare. Enjoy the turquoise lagoon and tropical fish with your experienced local guide. Return to the pier with spectacular views of the island.

The snorkeling stop is for all levels of experience, and people can start in shallow water to go as far out as comfortable.

Please note: the tour has limited capacity and can start in reverse order, with the boat and snorkel stop first. Guests may choose their starting preference (Jeep or boat) depending on availability. Restrooms are available at the Pearl Farm Marina.

Excursion Code:
Huahine Iti by 4x4
  • Jeep 4x4 tour of Huahine Island.
3.5 Hours - $95

The island equivalent to the Garden of Eden, Huahine Iti is an immense tropical jungle thriving with coconut plantations, vanilla orchids, banana groves, breadfruit trees and watermelon fields. Beyond its lush landscapes and bright blooms, Huahine is also a culturally preserved sanctuary with sacred temples hidden throughout dense vegetation. This tranquil paradise will seduce you with her whitesand beaches of Avea Bay, coral islets dotting an azure blue lagoon and luxurious mountains covered with magnificent foliage making her an idyllic garden paradise. It is covered with plantations and a wealth of beautiful plants, fruits and flowers and is also home to one of the most amazing white sand beaches in French Polynesia.

During this 4x4 tour you will be introduced to Huahine Iti, the more sensual and smaller of Huahine's two islands. There will be numerous stops along the way for panoramic views across the island, the bays and the surrounding lagoon and motus of Topati's and Murimahora. Visits to a vanilla and tropical fruit plantation and to the Marae Anini are included. A brief stop at a beach in Avea Bay is included for a dip in the lagoon and for refreshments (choice of soda, fruit juice or beer). Continue the tour 'off-road' into the Parea Valley for a drive over bumpy road through lush jungle before returning to the pier in Maroe.

Please note: Although the off-road vehicle will remain on the main road for most of the drive, this tour also involves travel over rough non-paved roads. This tour is not recommended for guests with back and/or neck problems or guests with limited mobility. Order of visits may be reversed and itinerary amended depending on weather conditions. Please bring cash as there will be an opportunity to buy vanilla and additional refreshments on the beach. Please wear/bring your swimwear and beach towel should you wish to have a swim at the beach.

Excursion Code:
Huahine Iti by Ebike
4 Hours - $85

Departing from Maroe pier after your brief refresh course on how to handle an ebike, you will head toward the eastern part of Huahine Iti with the goal of completing the 27km around the smaller Huahine Island with your guide providing you explanations. During your tour, several stops will be proposed with different viewpoints. You will discover the archaeological site (marae) Anini as well as a visit to a traditional pareo painting workshop. You will then head to Avea bay and the Mahana hotel for a moment of relaxation, snorkeling, swimming on its magnificent white sand beach. Fresh seasonal fruits and water will be provided during your tour.

Please note: Bring snorkeling gear, swimsuit, sunscreen and towel. Dress comfortably.

Excursion Code:
Huahine Safari Expedition
  • Scenic tour of Huahine Nui by Jeep 4x4.
3.5 Hours - $95

Discover the beauty of Huahine on this 4x4 tour of the island. Depart the pier by off-road vehicle for the drive to Huahine Nui. Stop at the "Bellevue" View Point and capture beautiful photos of Maroe Bay and the m/s Paul Gauguin. Visit the village of Faie, and the sacred blue-eyed eels who reside there.

Next, take a short Polynesian outrigger canoe trip to visit, "Huahine Pearl Farm and Pottery" where you will learn the secrets of the black pearl and see Polynesian pottery made with a glaze found at the bottom of the lagoon while pearl farming. The pottery is available for purchase and refreshments will be served during the visit.

Continue on to Maeva, the island's most important marae (archaeological site). Drive along Lake Fauna Nui and see the ancient fish traps, restored by the local archaeologists and still in use today before returning via scenic road to the pier. On the way back, you will pass through the village of Fare, the main village of Huahine.

Please note: Although the off-road vehicle will remain on the main road for most of the drive, this tour also involves travel over non-paved roads with steep ascents and descents. This tour is not recommended for guests with back and/or neck problems, guests who suffer from vertigo or motion sickness, or guests with limited mobility. Order of visits may be reversed and itinerary amended depending on weather conditions.

Excursion Code:
Island Tour and Snorkeling (per boat)
3 Hours - $835

Experience the beauty of Huahine from above and below the water during this snorkeling and cruise adventure. Depart the pier by private boat and discover the beauty of Huahine as you cruise around the island. Along the way, you will stop to visit a black pearl farm and learn about the creation and the beauty of these famous Tahitian gems. You will then continue your cruise to a beautiful coral garden, where you will don your snorkeling equipment and enter the water for up-close views of the amazing and colorful marine life that frequents the reef. Enjoy refreshments on your ride back to the pier.

Please note: The cost of this tour is per boat, which can accommodate up to four guests. When requesting online, please select only one ticket per boat. Guests are encouraged to wear a swimsuit under a cover up, sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses, and to bring a towel from the ship. Snorkeling equipment, fins, and life vests are available at the ship’s onboard watersports marina.

Excursion Code:
Island Tour by Waverunner
2 Hours - $265

Experience Huahine's wild beauty in an exciting new wayduring this fun-filled waverunner adventure. Depart the pier and transfer to the launching point in Fare, Huahine's main village. After your guide gives you safety and riding instructions, you'll enjoy a waverunner ride of about an hour in the lagoon, admiring Huahine's magnificent landscape from the perspective of the water. You'll also have time to stop for a swim before returning to the waverunner launching point for your transfer back to the pier.

Please note: Operation of this tour is dependent upon weather and water conditions. This tour is priced per wave-runner, which will accommodate two average-sized adults (maximum weight of 500lbs total). When requesting online, please select only one ticket per waverunner. Participants must wear the life jacket provided, remain in line, and follow thirty yards behind the waverunner in front of them. The minimum age for participating in this tour is 15 years old to drive and 5 years old to ride as a passenger (depending on weather conditions). Guests are encouraged to wear a swimsuit under a cover-up, sunscreen, and sunglasses, and to bring a towel from the ship. Each waverunner has a small storage compartment.

Excursion Code:
Lagoon Cruise & Snorkeling
  • Lagoon cruise and snorkel tour of Huahine.
3 Hours - $109

- Experience Huahine's beautiful lagoon and landscapes on this boat cruise and snorkeling excursion. Depart the pier by outrigger canoe (motorized). Upon arrival to the snorkeling spot you will receive safety and snorkeling instructions before entering the water with abundant fish, coral and marine life. Sample coconuts, fresh season fruits and refreshments. Transfer back to the pier.

Please note: The tour is recommended for experienced snorkelers who are comfortable entering the lagoon directly from the boat, and snorkeling in deep water where currents are common. Snorkeling equipment, fins and life vests are available at the Marina from the ship. The boat capacity depends on the group size.

Excursion Code:
Motu Picnic
  • Ancient Aitutaki Ruins called Marae.
6 Hours - $139

Your boat will pick you up from the pier for a brief ride to a snorkeling spot in the beautiful lagoon of Huahine. Here you will have ample time to enjoy snorkeling in crystal clear waters with tropical fish. Next your boat ride will continue to the private Motu Murimahora. Delicious lunch (including water, tropical juices and beer) will be accompanied by a local music entertainment on the motu. Afterwards there will be free time to enjoy this peaceful and picturesque motu.

Please note: Please bring your snorkel equipment, beach towel, sunscreen and sunglasses from the ship.

Excursion Code:
Sacred Sites & Legendary Places
4 Hours - $115

Your spectacular excursion starts with a friendly introduction from your expert anthropologist/archaeologist guide, who has first hand experience working on the sites you will visit. Boarding "Le Truck", French Polynesia's famous local style bus, you will depart from Maroe Village on the small island of Huahine Iti, crossing the bridge to Huahine Nui, or 'big island'. Here you will drive past lush green valleys and turquoise lagoon through the capital town of Fare, where Captain James Cook sojourned on his visits to the island.

Your first stop is Maeva village, considered to be one of French Polynesia's most important archaeological areas and home to the largest pre-historic habitation site in Polynesia. During your walk through the village, you will explore the archaeological sites along the lake shore and the Fare Pote'e Museum. You will learn about Polynesian origins and migrations, traditional society, religion, botany, European explorers and get a first hand look at various traditional tools, handicrafts and artifacts.

You will continue on to Mata'ire'a hill, just above the Village of Maeva and home to more than 200 stone structures, including marae, agricultural terraces, house foundations, fortification walls and burial platforms.

Your next stop, via "Le Truck", is a local family run vanilla plantation where you will have the opportunity to purchase various vanilla products. Continuing on, you will stop to see and learn about the 500 year old fish traps that thanks to restoration work are used again today by the people of Maeva Village.

Your return journey to port, will take you through the village of Faie where your guide will feed the island's giant blue-eyed eels that swim in the stream, before enjoying a photo-stop at the Belvedere Lookout, for panoramic views of Huahine Iti and beautiful Maroe Bay.

Please note: This tour involves some slight uphill walking. Guests are encouraged to wear comfortable walking shoes, sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses. The order of sites visited may vary. Please bring some cash along with you, as you may have the opportunity to purchase some authentic Tahitian vanilla during this tour.

Excursion Code:
SCUBA Discover Scuba Diving Theory and Pool (Part 1 & 2) Huahine
2 Hours - $99

Learn the basics of one of the most rewarding activities in French Polynesia - SCUBA diving - during this session with The Gauguin's own onboard experts.

Meet your PADI-certified dive master instructor, who will introduce you to the equipment, discuss some basic SCUBA diving principles, and provide you with a practice session in the safety of the ship's pool. Even if you have never been SCUBA diving, you can learn the basics in just 2 hours. Completion of this course qualifies you for one or two dives in the Society Islands: SCUBA Toopua - Beginner Divers (in Bora Bora, BRB-1995) and SCUBA Shark Gallery - Beginner Divers (in Moorea, MOO-1999).

Available for advance booking 60 days prior to sailing; capacity is limited. For more information about our dive program, visit

Excursion Code:
SCUBA Refresher Course - Huahine
  • PADI certification with the m/s Paul Gauguin SCUBA instructors.
2 Hours - $50

Brush up on your SCUBA diving techniques in preparation for the diving opportunities that lie ahead during two informative sessions.

Meet your PADI-certified dive instructor by the ship's pool on deck 8 for a complete briefing on the use of the SCUBA gear, the laws of SCUBA, and a description of some important underwater skills. Your instructor will demonstrate these skills during the second session in the ship's pool.

For more information about our dive program, visit Available for advance booking 60 days prior to sailing; capacity is limited.

Excursion Code: